How to Teach Local and Online Preschool... 
WITHOUT Spending Tons of Time on Prep!

"Everything is planned out for you!
It makes your life so much easier!"

To All the Parents, Preschool Teachers and Owners Who Want to Learn How to Teach Preschool, Spend Less Time Prepping Lesson Plans, and Ensure Your Preschoolers Are Getting the Best Curriculum...

Does This Sound Like You?

You're Struggling With:

  • Not knowing what to teach, whether it’s developmentally appropriate, or even what to put in your preschool day
  • Using all your nights and weekends planning, searching the internet for hours just to plan the next day’s lesson
  • ​Losing sleep because you’re so overwhelmed with all you have to do
  • ​Being worried you aren’t doing enough for your preschoolers
  • Spending all your free time creating lesson plans and filling out endless paperwork for your boss
  • Feeling nervous that you won’t have enough content to teach and that it won’t be engaging enough to hold their attention
  • ​Pulling from a ton of sources and piecing together multiple curriculums together
  • ​Feeling confused about how to plan your online preschool lessons so they keep your students engaged on Zoom

And All You Want Is To...

  • Know which curriculum to use, what to teach (and why), and how to teach it effectively 
  • ​Be prepared and organized so you can feel more confident in your teaching, knowing exactly what to teach each day 
  • ​Spend less time on prep and more time doing what you want, like practicing self care and spending more time with your family
  • ​Stop feeling scared, worried, and overwhelmed, knowing that your preschoolers are getting exactly what they need
  • ​Relax so you can finally get some sleep

If So... Then We've Got Exactly What You Need!


The All-In-One Theme-Based Preschool Curriculum That Saves You Time, Gives You Confidence, and Helps You Feel Prepared… 

So You Can Rest Easy at Night, Knowing You Have Everything You Need to Prepare Your Preschoolers for Kindergarten with 2 Full Years of Fun, Developmentally Appropriate Lesson Plans!

Our Curriculum:

  • Is developmentally appropriate for ages 3-5 and follows state guidelines so you can rest easy, knowing that you’re using the best curriculum available
  • ​Is easy to use and anyone can teach it (even if you’ve never taught before and even if you don’t have a degree!)
  • ​Is proven, tried, tested, and LOVED by over 5,000 parents, grandparents, preschool teachers, and preschool owners
  • ​Is 100% digital so you can access it immediately and conveniently anywhere you go on your laptop, desktop computer, iPad, or phone
  • ​Is great for teaching your own children at home, preschoolers in a classroom setting, and even online preschool
  • ​Has fun, weekly theme-based lesson plans so your preschoolers will stay engaged and have fun while they’re learning
  • ​Is an open-and-go, all-in-one solution so you don’t have to add any other curriculum
  • ​Can also be used as a supplemental curriculum if you want to be more creative and make it your own
  • ​Prepares preschoolers for kindergarten and develops their social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and language skills
  • ​Is designed to teach 2- and 3-day/week preschool classes with 2-3 hrs./day (local) or 30-60 min./day (online) lesson plans
  • ​Can easily be stretched to fit 5-day/week classes, part-time preschool classes, or all day programs, or even teaching your preschooler at home.
  • ​Allows you to differentiate your lessons depending on the needs of the children so they can learn at their level and be challenged
  • ​Is organized into step-by-step lesson plans that tell you exactly how to teach so you can implement the curriculum with ease
  • ​Includes suggested teaching outlines and planning calendars to schedule your entire school year
  • ​Features a good balance of child-directed and teacher-led activities, including a variety of small and large group activities and center-based activities
  • ​Is time-saving so you can open your lesson plans and be ready to teach with just 5 minutes of prep each day 
  • Doesn’t require expensive shopping trips because all activities can be done with common household materials
  • ​Has every activity planned out for you so you can spend less time prepping and planning

Once You Have Our Curriculum:

  • Life is so much easier!
  • You’ll know exactly what to teach, when to teach it, and how to teach it!
  • You’ll get your nights and weekends back! 
  • You’ll rest easy, knowing you’re already prepared for the next day!
  • You’ll be just as excited to teach as your students are to learn!
  • You’ll finally be able to spend more time doing what YOU want!

But Don't Take Our Word For It...

See Why Others Love It So Much!

It's organized and easy to use!

It works for online preschool too!

Prep just 10-20 min. for week!

All the activities are lots of fun!

Works for teachers, parents, and grandparents, too!

It has everything you need! Or add to it to make it your own!

All activities are theme-based!

We Know You're Curious...

Here's Our Curriculum Philosophy

Fundamentals Preschool Curriculum is a developmentally appropriate, activity-based curriculum for children ages 3-5 that focuses on the fundamentals skills children not only need to learn but are also excited to learn! 

GOALS: We aim to help children become well-rounded members of society who feel confident with their place in the world.

DEVELOPMENT: We strive to build children’s social, emotional, cognitive, physical, and language skills through practical, real-world, hands-on activities.

PHILOSOPHIES: We believe that children learn through developing three key skills: Life Science Skills, Life Skills, and Pre-K Skills. 

Our curriculum features 3 core components:


Each year, our 36 weekly life science themes offer fun activities to expand children’s knowledge of the world so they can feel confident with their place in it. There are 26 A-Z themes (i.e. A is for Astronomy, B is for Baking, etc.) and 10 holiday themes. Each curriculum year has 100% new activities so teachers don’t get bored and preschoolers don’t repeat the same activities.

YEAR 1 (green cover)
36 weekly themes

If You Give A… Books
Nursery Rhymes
Queens & Kings
Columbus Day
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Valentine’s Day
St. Patrick’s Day
Cinco de Mayo
Parent Appreciation

YEAR 2 (yellow cover)
36 weekly themes

All About Me
Eric Carle
Grocery Store
Icy Places
North America
Outer Space
People & Their Jobs
Under the Ground
Vets & Pets
Yummy & Yucky
Columbus Day
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Valentine’s Day
St. Patrick’s Day
Cinco de Mayo
Parent Appreciation


Each day the children engage in a lesson with puppets or games, helping them practice vital life skills such as:

  • School Skills (learn names, obey rules, share, raise hands)
  • ​Personal Skills (know our names, write our name, get dressed, name body parts)
  • ​Hygiene Skills (brush teeth, wash hands, take baths, cover mouths)
  • Family Skills (go to bed, talk nice, know our family, clean up)
  • ​Time Skills (learn our birthday, times of the day, days of the week, and months of the year)
  • ​Health Skills (eat healthy, stretch, exercise, be happy)
  • Measuring Skills (measure food, count money, measure items, tell time)
  • ​Safety Skills (wear helmets, wear seatbelts, look both ways, learn address and phone number)
  • Emergency Skills (call 911, don’t talk to strangers, don’t play with guns, get out of fire)


Each activity aims to teach children the critical Pre-K skills needed to succeed in school later on, such as:

  • Literacy (letters, sounds, reading, and writing)
  • ​Math (colors, shapes, numbers, counting)
  • ​Language (using their words)
  • ​Social & emotional skills (sharing, making friends, and problem solving) 
  • ​Fine motor skills (pencil grasp, writing their name)
  • ​Gross motor skills (exercise, moving their body)

Here's Everything You'll Get Inside

Fundamentals Preschool Curriculum

Everything is planned out for you!
Your life will be so much easier!

Total Value: $6,664

This Is a Limited Time Offer!


Just $997 $497 Today

In each year of curriculum, the 36 weekly themes have 3 days of lesson plans, perfect for a 2- or 3-day/week preschool program. (For instance, you can use the lesson plans for Day 1 and 2 for your T_TH class, and you can use Days 1-3 for your M_W_F class.) They can easily be stretched to fit 5-day/week classes, part-time preschool classes, all day programs, or even teaching your preschooler at home. 

Our lesson plans are designed to fill a 2-3 hr. local preschool class. (We also give you the modified lesson plan for a 30-60 minute online preschool class.) 

They feature a good balance of child-directed and teacher-led activities, including a variety of small and large group activities and center-based activities. Each lesson plan follows the daily schedule below, but you can create your own schedule that works for you using any combination or order of activities. 

  • CIRCLE TIME: Helps children respect others, take turns, listen and tell stories. Pledge of Allegiance and weather chart help children learn repetition and prediction.
  • ​SCHOOL TIME: Helps children write letters, learn letter sounds, recognize the letters on signs, and understand that letters are used to communicate.
  • ​DISCOVERY TIME: Helps children sort manipulatives, count groupings, feel through sensory activities, and develop fine motor skills.
  • ​ACTIVITY TIME: Offers daily activities to encourage a deeper understanding of the skill through play. 
  • ​RHYTHM & MOVEMENT: Helps children learn movement, rhythm, instruments, beats, and finger plays.
  • ​ARTS & CRAFTS: Helps children cut, glue, write their name, learn shapes and colors, follow directions, work with art materials, and clean up.
  • ​SNACK TIME: Helps children learn how to use good manners, talk nicely to friends, help the teacher, and clean up.
  • ​READING TIME: Helps children “read” to each other, develop a love for favorite books, take care of books, spend time independently, and enjoy listening to a story from the teacher. 
  • ​LIFE SKILLS TIME: Features puppet shows to help children learn how to eat healthy, safely cross the street, share toys, not talk to strangers, and more.
  • ​PLAY TIME (RECESS): Helps children share toys, respect other people’s property, treat others kindly, exercise, pretend, obey rules, and develop gross motor skills.

We’ve also included a recommended teaching schedule, activity outlines, and blank planning calendars so you can schedule your entire school year and know what you’re teaching each day.

In addition to our weekly lesson plans, you’ll receive the following enrichment ideas so you can increase the understanding of the theme you’re teaching:

  • Exploration Videos
  • ​Snack Ideas
  • ​Field Trip Ideas
  • ​Sharing Time Facts and Questions

You’ll find 26 alphabet letter pals with the corresponding letter card that will help your students learn each letter, its sound, and the proper way to write it with silly songs, letter chants, and fun animal characters!

Your preschoolers will also love our alphabet worksheets. We have worksheets for every skill level, from coloring the letter pal, to decorating each letter with art materials, to tracing and writing their letters.

Each weekly theme has a storyteller page to help your preschoolers deepen their learning on the topic. You can keep all the storyteller pages and assemble them into an end-of-the-year portfolio journal for each student at their graduation. They make a great keepsake!

Movement is so important to incorporate into your preschoolers' day that we wanted to make sure we made it as fun as possible! 

Use these 30 fun animal movement cards in your local or online preschool any time you want to get your preschoolers laughing as much as they are moving! They'll have a blast moving like these animals!

But That's Not All!

We Added These Bonuses Today!

One of the hardest parts about teaching preschool is knowing where a child is with their social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and language skills... and how to help them progress to their next level of development. 

We simplify the entire process by giving you assessments, PTC forms, report cards, developmental milestone checklists, and most importantly: a training video on how to actually do the assessments!

Did you know that employees who know Spanish make 5-20% more than those who don't know Spanish? Imagine how much more value you could add to your program if you offered Spanish classes to your preschoolers. You could increase your tuition for the simple fact that you are giving their children a valuable skill for the future.

Oh, but you don't speak Spanish? No worries! With our Complete Online Spanish Curriculum, you just click PLAY on the video and our Spanish teacher does the teaching for you so you don't need to know Spanish! Your preschoolers will love the short, fun, Spanish lessons and activities!

Ever woke up with a sore throat, but you still had to go in to teach? We can help! Whether you're teaching local or online preschool, you can click PLAY on any one of our 20 Substitute Teacher Preschool Classes any time you need a break!

She covers the entire alphabet with 5 fun themes to keep your preschoolers engaged. Each video is around 30 minutes long and is full of songs, dancing, stories, and learning activities.

It's one thing to read about how to teach preschool, but it's totally different to see it in action! With our How to Teach Preschool training video, you'll see us teach both local -and- online preschool classes from start to finish!

And with our 40-page "How to Teach Preschool" workbook, we'll walk you step by step through the entire process to teach both local and online preschool.

(NOTE: This 40-page workbook comes directly from our "Preschool Start-Up System Workbook" inside Preschool In A Box, so we hope you enjoy it.)

And Because We Always Over Deliver...

We'll Throw In a 2nd Year of Curriculum... 100% FREE!

It's so important to us that you're successful that we are going to give you a 2ND YEAR OF CURRICULUM... ABSOLUTELY FREE! That means you'll get "Year 1" with 36 weekly theme-based lesson plans -and- "Year 2" with 36 NEW weekly theme-based lesson plans for a total of 72 weekly themes!

You'll have 2 years of revolving curriculum so you can truly help your preschoolers thrive in your preschool! With 2 full years, you won't get bored of the activities, and your preschoolers won't repeat any activities, either!

Can you imagine how much time you will save when you have 2 full years of COMPLETE preschool curriculum at your fingertips!?

Let's Recap EVERYTHING You’ll Get When You Get

Everything is planned out for you!
Your life will be so much easier!

Total Value: $6,664

This Is a Limited Time Offer!


Just $997 $497 Today

    • Fundamentals Preschool Curriculum (Year 1)         (Value: $1,997)
    • Planning Outlines and Calendars                                  (Value: $97)
    • Enrichment Ideas                                                          (Value: $97)
    • A-Z Letter Pals & Letter Cards Printables                   (Value: $197)
    • Alphabet Skill Builder Worksheets                                (Value: $97)
    • Theme Storytellers                                                        (Value: $47)
    • Gross Motor Skill Movement Cards                              (Value: $47)
    • BONUS: Complete Preschool Assessment Toolkit     (Value: $497)
    • BONUS: Complete Online Spanish Curriculum          (Value: $997)
    • BONUS: 20 Substitute Teacher Preschool Classes    (Value: $297)
    • BONUS: How to Teach Preschool Video & Workbook(Value: $297)
    • BONUS: "Year 2" ABSOLUTELY FREE!                  (Value: $1,997)

      When You Get Fundamentals Preschool Curriculum...

      Imagine How Easy Your Life Can Be!

      "You just open it and teach!"
      - Lisa M.

      "Everything is done for you!"
      - Teisha E.

      "It’s formatted for in-person and online!"
      - Eboni M.

      "Having 2 years of lesson plans is so comforting!"
      - Linda M.

      "I don’t have to look up anything extra!"
      - Sammy B.

      "I know what I’m doing tomorrow… even 2 months from now!" - Robin J.

      "It just clicked! I finally figured out how to teach!"
      - Janette F.

      "I can give the lesson plans to my subs, too!"
      - Kia G.

      "It took a lot of stress off of me!"
      - Monique M.

      "I can follow it step by step!"
      - Ashley G.

      "You can use it as your main or supplemental curriculum!"
      - Valerie W.

      "It only takes me 15-20 minutes to prep… it used to take hours!"
      - Joy G.

      "I looked for this curriculum for a long time!"
      - Angel S.

      "I love the finger plays, poems, and chants!"
      - LisaRenee F.

      Here's EVERYTHING You’ll Get When You Get

      Everything is planned out for you!
      Your life will be so much easier!

      Total Value: $6,664

      This Is a Limited Time Offer!

      HUGE SAVINGS! 93% OFF!

      Just $997 $497 Today

      Here's My 30-Day Money-Back

      Satisfaction Guarantee!

      We 100% guarantee that you will love everything you're going to get with your Fundamentals Preschool Curriculum. (You can even click here to get a 4-week sample here.)

      If for any reason you don't feel that you got MORE THAN your money's worth, simply email us at within 30 days and we’ll give you back your money... no questions asked. 

      But you should know we always over deliver, and you're going to be blown away by all the value you receive!

      There is literally no risk to you... we're taking the entire responsibility on our shoulders to give you the absolute best experience possible. 

      Got Questions?

      We Have Answers!

      • Can I see a sample of the curriculum?
        Absolutely! We are so confident that you'll love it, that we've put together a 4-week sample for you so you can see exactly how amazing our curriculum is! Click here to view our sample of curriculum.

      • ​Do I get 1 or 2 years of curriculum with my purchase? 
        Typically, you would only get 1 year of curriculum. However, we are currently running a limited-time offer of “Buy 1 Year of Curriculum Get the 2nd Year FREE” so you will receive 2 years of curriculum with your purchase.

      • Will I receive a physical curriculum manual in the mail, or is the curriculum 100% digital? 
        This curriculum is 100% digital and is immediately accessible on your laptop, desktop computer, iPad, or phone. You will not receive anything in the mail. However, if you would like physical manuals shipped to you, please understand there will be an upsell AFTER you check out where you can buy the physical manuals for an additional fee.

      • I want to start teaching this right away. Can I start this curriculum any time of year? 
        Our Recommended Schedule shows a schedule of what to teach if you start in September, but you can start any time of year by just starting at that point on the schedule. (We don’t teach letters in order, so you can jump right in mid-year.)

      • Okay, I'm ready to get started! What do I do?
        Simply click the "YES! I Want 'Year 2' FREE!" button below and we'll get it right to you!

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      Joy Anderson 
      PS: In case you just skipped to the bottom of the letter, here's the deal:

      Fundamentals Preschool Curriculum is for anyone who wants to learn how to teach preschool, save time on prepping lesson plans, and ensure their preschoolers are getting the best curriculum. Lucky for you, this curriculum has been tried and tested by over 5,000 parents, grandparents, preschool teachers, and preschool owners! Now it can make your life easier, too!

      When you get Fundamentals Preschool Curriculum during this limited-time offer, you will get 2 years of Fundamentals Preschool Curriculum for the price of one! That's an entire 2nd year absolutely FREE! You'll also receive for BOTH YEARS: 72 total weekly theme-based lesson plans, planning outlines and calendars, enrichment ideas, A-Z letter pals and letter cards printables, alphabet skill builder worksheets, theme storytellers, and gross motor skill movement cards. As a special bonus, we are also including these bonuses for FREE: Complete Preschool Assessment Toolkit, Complete Online Spanish Curriculum, 20 Substitute Teacher Preschool Classes, and How To Teach Preschool Video & Workbook. And you'll get all this amazing immediately digitally for only $997 $497. That's it!

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      Here's EVERYTHING You’ll Get When You Get

      Everything is planned out for you!
      Your life will be so much easier!

      Total Value: $6,664

      This Is a Limited Time Offer!

      HUGE SAVINGS! 93% OFF!

      Just $997 $497 Today

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