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  • Spend quality time with your kids while you work… without having to start a daycare.
  • Create a supplemental or full-time consistent income that works around your family’s schedule… without working full-time hours or leaving your home.
  • ​Fill your classes so you can fulfill your dream of making a difference in children’s lives… even if you don’t have a teaching degree or have never taught preschool before.
  • Discover your talents so you can confidently build a strong, stable business that will generate income for your family for years to come… even if you don’t know anything about business.
  • Make teaching a career so you can finally get paid what you’re worth… without having to put your kids in daycare!
  • Create a fabulous preschool in your home (or church or separate building or even online!)… even if you only have your living room and kitchen to work with!
 Inside this book, you will find the exact step-by-step blueprint we created after helping thousands of women start their own successful local and online preschools over the past 10 years. 

With this book, you will have access to the same processes and strategies that we used to build over 5,000 successful online and local preschools!
Hi! I'm Joy Anderson. 
Ten years ago, I became a single mom overnight and had to find a way to support my 3 kids. I didn't want to put them in daycare, and I didn't want to start a home daycare either. After many sleepless nights, I stumbled upon the idea of starting a preschool instead, so I could teach preschool classes in my home to children ages 3-5 (and my kids as well!) and only work for a few hours each day! 

The problem was... I had no idea how to do it! After wasting tons of time and money doing the wrong things at the wrong time, I eventually started my preschool and was able to make a full-time income! During the past 10 years, my little home preschool grew into multiple locations, taught over 1,000 students, employed over 50 teachers, and made my family $1.75 million! 

Because I know what a blessing a preschool can be (whether you choose to do a small home preschool, an online preschool, or even grow it into the preschool of your dreams)--and because I don't want anyone to go through the same struggles I did of not knowing how to start a preschool... I've been on a mission to teach women all across the world how to start, run, and grow preschools. To date, I've helped over 5,000 women create successful local and online preschools... and now it's my turn to help you!
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 Here Are A Few Of The Secrets That You’ll Be Given For FREE…
  • ​Which hours are the best for teaching 3- to 5-year-olds. Believe it or not, it's a fraction of what home daycares are open! See how to schedule your classes (and the four best times as well). pg. 31
  • Why only teaching a few hours a day can actually produce a full-time, consistent income. (You'll be shocked!) pg. 34
  • ​​Don’t know how many kids to teach in a class? We reveal the perfect class size number for both local and online preschool classes so you won’t be overwhelmed!) pg. 35
  • ​​Struggling with confidence? Not anymore! Learn the weird trick Denise used to overcome her fears! It worked so well she tripled her enrollment! pg. 39
  • How to start a preschool without the "right" degree or experience (and the 2 things you must have to ensure people sign up with you!) pg. 41
  • ​​Burned out from your long hours with daycare? Close down your daycare and open your preschool the very next day… without losing any income using our 30-day plan! pg. 54
  • ​​Licensed, say what!?! With this one cool trick you can start your preschool without a license (and still be totally legal!) Plus find out if you need a license to teach online! pg. 69
  • ​​If you want to be licensed, you MUST ASK these 9 questions on the phone. (Otherwise you’ll get the wrong answers!) pg. 70
  • Why it's OK to be a "business newby." I built my entire "business" side of things by completing just five simple steps including choosing a business name and setting up a business bank account. See the other three easy steps on pg. 94  
  • ​What 4 OTHER PLACES you can start your preschool if your home just isn't gonna work out! (And the 3rd most popular place to set it up outside of your home or online!) pg. 107
  • The 4 MAGIC WORDS that get parents racing to sign up their kids! (I signed up 150 students every year with these words... and they work for local AND online preschool!) pg. 112
  • ​The 2 phrases to say during every online class to keep your students engaged and their parents happy! pg. 124
  • ​Not techy? No problem! You can start an online preschool by following these 3 EASY STEPS! pg. 131
  • ​Not sure why parents would choose YOUR preschool? Answer these 5 QUESTIONS to discover your "niche" and have parents saying "THANK YOU!!!" for solving their need! pg. 147
 And That’s JUST The First 147 Pages…
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 From Real Moms Just Like You Who Started a LOCAL Preschool!
Certified Teacher Now Makes MORE at Home Teaching HALF the Time!
Karisa loved teaching in the district, but she hated dropping her kids off to daycare. She started her LOCAL preschool and is now making MORE in her preschool than she did as a certified teacher... teaching for only half the time! In just 3 years, she made $65,000 in her local preschool! She even added an ONLINE preschool, too, and loves having her own kids in her preschool!
Cordelia is a Stay-at-Home Mom and Makes $6,000/mo.!
Bethany Came Home from the District to Have a Baby and Now Makes $8,200/mo. at Home!
Anita Stayed Home with Her Kids and Makes $11,000/mo. (More than her teacher salary!)
Rita Quit the District and Makes $24,500/mo.!
Alicia Now Makes Over $5,000/mo.!
Kelsey Makes $10,800/mo.!
Monique Transitioned Her Daycare into a Preschool and Now Makes $18,000/mo. Working Less!
Jennifer left the District and Makes $8,000/mo.!
Deana Converted Her Daycare into a Preschool and Now Makes $4,312/mo. Working Less!
Brenda Made $27,000 in Her First Year!
Maegan Started a Preschool in Her Home, Then Grew it Into a Commercial Location!
Marcie (Mom of 8) Makes $16,000/mo.!
Samico Made Over $10,000 in Her First Months!
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 From Real Moms Just Like You Who Started an ONLINE Preschool!
Daycare Owner (With Only a HS Diploma) Now Makes $39,000/mo. with Online Preschool!
Valerie was exhausted, working 16-18 hrs./day as a daycare owner. After reading my book, she converted her daycare into a LOCAL preschool and took her life back! With her newfound energy, she started teaching ONLINE preschool too! Soon, she had signed up 429 students in just 5 months! Now, with just online preschool alone: she makes $39,000/mo., has taught over 1,134 students, and has made over $480,000 in just 2 years!
Kristen Made $50,000 in Her First Year Teaching Online Preschool!
Natalie Made $14,100 in Her First Months!
Mary Now Makes $6,160/mo. in Her Online Tutoring Business!
Taylor Made Over $30,000/yr. (Only 8 hrs/wk!)
Donna Now Makes $12,000/mo.!
Safaa Was a Preschool Teacher and Now Makes $4,200/mo.!
Denise (With Only a HS Diploma) Signs Up 1,087 Online Students!
Lakisha Now Makes $13,000/mo. and over $100,000 in Her Online Preschool! 
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But It's Not Just for Preschools...
It Will Also Help You Start Any of These Other Teaching Businesses!
So anytime you see the word "Preschool" on this page, you can just think of one of these other teaching businesses you'd like to create, either online or locally!
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3. I truly care about each and every one of my preschool owners. You’re reading this because you’re ready for a change, but you can’t do it on your own. You know (deep down) that what you really need is a proven system to follow, step by step, and someone who believes in you cheering you on from the sidelines. So let me be your personal cheerleader and help you create your own successful local or online preschool!
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Joy Anderson 
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Let's Recap EVERYTHING You'll Get FREE When You Get Your FREE BOOK!
You'll learn the exact step-by-step process to start to your local or online preschool!

Total Value: $271.95

HUGE 94% Discount!

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